This page contains videos of presentations of my work. For more details, please take a look at my publications page.

A study of the robustness of different planners to the planning strategies of other agents in multi-agent navigation scenarios [submitted to ISER ’18]

Conceptual introduction to our work on the use of topological braids for decentralized navigation planning in dynamic environments with multiple non-communicating, rational navigating agents [WAFR ’16][IJRR ’18]:

My presentation at WAFR ’16:

In the past I have worked on the design of affordable robotic and prosthetic hands, as part of the open-source initiative OpenBionics. This video shows a demo of our prosthetic hand [IROS ’15] performing a variety of everyday-life grasping tasks:

and here’s a similar demo of our robotic hands [IROS ’14]:

Presentation of my ICRA ’13 paper on grasp planning for multifingered robot hands: