About Me

I successfully defended my Ph.D. thesis in February 2019 and I am excited to be joining the Personal Robotics Lab of the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington as a Postdoctoral Research Associate to work with Prof. Sidd Srinivasa on projects related to physics-based manipulation and human-robot collaboration.

Previously, I was a Ph.D. candidate in the Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Cornell University, advised by Prof. Ross A. Knepper. My thesis focused on the design of motion planning algorithms for social robot navigation, drawing principles from studies on human navigation and inference and tools from topology, machine learning and human-robot interaction.

Before that, I worked on robot grasp planning with Prof. Kostas J. Kyriakopoulos, on the mechanical design of artificial hands, as a member of Openbionics and on the assessment of the anthropomorphism of robot manipulators with Prof. Minas Liarokapis. More details about me can be found in my CV.


03/20/2019: I am serving in the program committees of MRS, RSS Pioneers and RoboNLP.
03/01/2019: IJRR article on implicit multi-agent coordination published! [preprint] [Video]
02/12/2019: I’ll be joining the Personal Robotics Lab as a Postdoc in June 2019!
02/12/2019: I successfully defended my PhD thesis!
11/20/2018: Paper on the experimental validation of Social Momentum accepted to HRI ’19.
12/11/2018: Presented our paper on multi-agent trajectory prediction at WAFR ’18.
09/05/2018: Presented this paper at this workshop at IROS ’18.
08/03/2018: Attended the BMW Summer School Intelligent Cars on Digital Roads.
06/25/2018: Attended the RSS Pioneers Doctoral Consortium at RSS ’18.
03/06/2018: Presented our Social Momentum paper at HRI ’18.
09/27/2017: Presented our paper on learning multi-agent path topology at IROS ’17.
07/15/2017: Presented a summary of our work at this workshop at RSS ’17.
03/06/2017: Attended the HRI Pioneers Doctoral Consortium at HRI ’17.
12/20/2016: Presented our paper on navigation planning with braids at WAFR ’16.